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Philipp Kronbichler

Welcome to my homepage, where you can find out about my work, my interests and their backgrounds. I am a musician - composer, performer and teacher - as well as a Tai Chi teacher. My interests are wide-ranging (too wide to go into detail here), encompassing the natural sciences as well as the humanities, philosophy and mysticism.

My musical direction as a performer is primarily classical (baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist and modern), but I also like to make excursions into jazz. Otherwise, I understand the word interpreter in its original meaning, namely as a mediator. For me, nothing else means the reproduction of a work, which I convey to the listening audience in this way - by playing the piano.

As a composer, the audience is also close to my heart; without it, music could not work at all. To challenge, but not overchallenge (as far as possible), that is my guideline. I therefore like to take up techniques of the musical avant-garde and embed them in a diverse, architecturally elaborated soundscape.

Finally, Tai Chi began as a very personal path in search of inner harmony, just as music realises it. However, Tai Chi goes deeper, to an even more fundamental level. The physical aspect is both more conscious and more fully developed and more strongly connected to the spiritual. Moreover, in Tai Chi - unlike in Western art - the personal is not in the foreground, which suits my attitude to music. After many years of practice, I finally decided in 2012 to embark on the path as a teacher who also has to pass on what I have learned - and thus learn even more thoroughly.

I look forward to feedback, news and messages and wish you a pleasant and interesting journey through the following pages!

For all those who are interested, there is also a link to my Youtube channel, where I post recordings of myself, and to my facebook-page.


Philipp Kronbichler